Connecting with the Class of 2018

March/April 2017

The Class of 2018 entertained our Class of 1968

The Class of 2018 entertained our Class of 1968 with a review of our history from the campus archives. The students were very interested in Gracious Living and our campus life, if general. Co-VP, Reunion Co-Chair Linda Cadigan caught our mutual fancy with her sample Reunion garb! She used items from every MHC Class reunion she has attended!

Subject: Then and Now Slides

Rachel Rawson, 2018 Class Board President, provided to Susan Graham Simpson, our Class 2018-1968 Connections Liaison, the slide show that was shown on campus in March. Click on the link and ENJOY!

Rachel said - THIS is the link to the slideshow presentation our former junior class treasurer put together last semester!

February 2017

Class of 1968 honors Class of 2018 Junior Show

The Class of 2018 presented "Mary Potter", their Junior Show, on February 17 and 18 in Chapin. Their six panel program contained one panel which said "Wishing the Class of 2018 a Magical Junior Show" complete with a wizard, scepter, twinkling starbursts and "This greeting was sponsored by the Class of 1968," concept by Susan Graham Simpson our connections coordinator. Our class provided cake and beverages beforehand for the cast/crew of 25-30. They were most appreciative of our efforts. The cake (yellow with white frosting, red and blue decorations, including balloons) said "Kudos 2018's Jr. Show your 1968 "sisters" The performance was recorded and will be posted somewhere accessible. Details TBA.

Submitted by our Class "facilitator" for Junior Show Connections Cindy White Morrell

May 2016

Class of 1968 Celebrates Rings and Roses with the Class of 2018

Our class was enthusiastically represented at the Rings and Roses ceremony for the Class of 2018. Meeting with the sophomores were four of our classmates -- Linda Renasco Cadigan, Nancy Fletcher, Cindy White Morrell, and Sally Hall Dillon, with Linda delivering remarks at the event. The students loved receiving their class rings, and each also received a red rose.

Below is the text of a letter sent by our Co-Vice President/Co-Reunion Chair Linda Renasco Cadigan to President Lynn Pasquerella after the celebration.


It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to speak on behalf of my Class of '68 at this event. I was one of 4 speakers and was not surprised that we were all singing the same song to these young women, just saying different verses. (I was joined by three other classmates - Nancy Fletcher, Cindy White Morrell and Sally Hall Dillon.)

As I observed the participants I was thinking about how their multi-faceted diversity is both a challenge and opportunity for you as their President, for both of us as alumnae, for their faculty and staff, and perhaps most important of all for each of them.

It takes courage to explore being totally present during the very interesting moments in their lives. The comfort of staying in a cluster of familiar faces, ideas and traditions can be very seductive. However since they have chosen to be Mount Holyoke students I feel quite confident that many of them will be courageous in the years ahead.

Cordially, Linda

From Cindy White Morrell: Preview of a 50th Reunion Event

This event takes place on the Thursday afternoon of Commencement Week. I had the chance to check out the 1966-2016 "scarfing ceremony" on May 12 in Chapin. There were four rows of 1966 alumnae for a total of about 50 women, many with their red hat costume. Most of the 2016 seniors were in attendance, at least they pretty much filled all the other seats on the Chapin floor! Speakers included the 50th reunion gift chair and their class president as well as the Alumnae Association president, but their remarks were brief. After that, members of the Class of 1966 came forward, one row on stage and the other down front. (All four rows of '66 folks had the chance to participate.) Seniors were then called up row by row to receive their lovely blue lion scarf. Many of them received hugs as well. It looked like organized chaos but the Alumnae Association has it all organized and it all went very smoothly, taking about a half hour. After the event, all adjourned to the lawn on the street side of Mary E. Woolley for a reception, set up by geographic area and when I left, there was plenty of animated conversation taking place, along with libations. It turns out that this particular "connections" event was begun in 2012 by Jill Stern '84 who was then in the Alumnae Office (now in the Advancement Office). Jill actually gave me this information. I urge you to keep this event in mind as you are planning your journey back to campus in 2018 (officially May 18-20). If tradition follows, by then it would be held on May 17 late in the afternoon. All in all, it was a lovely event and it will be a really nice way to cap off our 1968- 2018 "connection."

June 2015

Your secretary/scribe offers this write-up of a very special event...

It is my great good fortune to live about 110 miles from Mount Holyoke, so there was little doubt that I would attend the first gathering of the Class of 1968/Class of 2018 50th Reunion project-a brunch at Willits Hallowell for members of both classes, held on 28 April 2015.

I was delighted to accept a request from our class president, Paula Braga Leidich, to serve as our scribe for the event. I herewith offer my notes and our webmaster, Kate Pacowta Gombos '92, has posted photos taken by Elise Newcomer '18.

Eleven members of the Class of 1968 were able to attend: Christine ANDERSON Salmon; Mary (Mobby) BROWN Larson; Gayle GUNDERSON Richardson; Karen KELLY Taggart; Elizabeth MUELLER Stead; Margaret (Meg) MEYER; Elizabeth (Betsy) NEWCOMB Beth; Gwyn (Dinny) OGILVIE Sewall; Eloise PRESCOTT Killeffer; Cynthia (Cindy) WHITE Morrell; and Susan YESHILIAN Manaras.

The room at Willits was set beautifully with enough round tables that each would have no more than two '68ers-the idea being that all the '18ers would be able to converse easily with one or two of us. It was a brilliant strategy!

We each had a well-thought-out and nicely printed program at our place: "50 Years of Sisterhood; A Dialogue between MHC Class of 1968 and The Class of 2018."

The outgoing president of the Class of '18, Olivia Lucas, got everything underway with greetings, a warm welcome and an elaboration on the theme of 50 years of sisterhood. She then introduced the other outgoing class officers: Sajia Darwish, secretary; Nanjiba Nawaz, treasurer, Yada Pruksachatkun, vice president and Isoke Samuel and Michelle Son, social co-chairs.

Olivia then asked each '68er to introduce herself and to offer a brief life story. It was a revelation to learn that our majors often had little to do with subsequent careers! And that might have been a great message for our '18 little sisters...

We then had time to undertake table-based discussions focused on questions put to us by the organizers. For the '68ers: Why did we choose MHC? How did we use our MHC time to pursue our dreams? What has changed since 1968? What lifelong lessons did we learn at MHC? If we were to enter MHC now, what would we do differently? For the '18ers, there was some overlap in questions, especially around pursuing dreams and what lessons have been learned thus far. They were also asked to suggest things they would change now if they could.

Topics that came up included networking, making connections, having good relationships with faculty, appreciating family and home, taking opportunities and learning to prioritize.

I was at a table with Karen Kelly Taggart and we regaled our young tablemates with stories of our adventures (and even some misadventures) during our years at MHC. We also reminisced about how things used to be-some of which left our little sisters laughing in disbelief, particularly at how strict some of our social rules were. In loco parentis? Are you kidding??? It was just a hoot!!

It was hard to bring everyone back to the rest of the program. Olivia asked '68ers to offer reflections on what our time at MHC meant to us, and how it helped to shape us as women and as responsible members of society. Giving back was a pervasive theme...

When it was time to end this wonderful event (after all, the Class of '18 still had final papers and exams waiting!), we '68ers rose spontaneously and (with the help of our resident musician, Karen Kelly Taggart) serenaded our Class of '18 sisters (and you may feel free to sing along!):

Oh, little sisters dear, we are glad that you are here.
We love to see the crimson and the blue.
We are loyal every one, and when all is said and done,
Little sisters, we are very proud of you!

Ach lieber lieber, ach lieber lieber,
Twenty-eighteen, boom, boom!
Ach lieber lieber. ach lieber lieber,

The morning ended with mixing and mingling-and it was plain to see that this event was a great kickoff for a five-year '68/'18 50th reunion project, to culminate in 2018, as we gather for our 50th reunion and the Class of 2018 is graduated.

With great joy that Mary Lyon's legacy continues...

Eloise Prescott Killeffer
1968 Scribe/Secretary


February 2015

Remarks delivered at the welcome reception for February first years (1/18/15)

Hi everyone!

50 years ago this month, several members of the Class of 1968 stood in your shoes. I'm sure they were as excited, eager, and anxious about the four year journey they were embarking on as you are tonight. But we did not have a class sooo far ahead of us who also took part in welcoming us. In a tradition started just a few years ago, the class that will have its 50th reunion when you graduate, the class of 1968, has become your "elder sister""grandmother" class. We're still figuring out a good designation. So you'll be hearing from, even seeing, some of us throughout your four years on campus. As I told the class in September, relish this time with your sisters. Take all you can from your time here. And know that you are not alone. There are thousands of alumnae who have come before you. Tonight I bring you a very warm welcome from the Class of 1968!

Cindy Morrell, 1968 treasurer

January 2015

Did you know? -- Our class elfed the Class of 2018 at exam time!

Class of 1968 volunteers Susan Graham Simpson, Joy Camp, and Linda Stauffer, who all grew up in South Hadley, elfed the Class of 2018 on Sunday, December 7, as part of our class Sisters Project '18 - '68.

Class of 2018 officers present to help with elfing were Olivia Lucas, President; Sajia Darwish, Secretary; and Isoke Samuel, Social Chair.

534 bags of candy treats (!!!) were delivered to the students in their dorms; day students received their treats in their Blanchard mailbox. A student, Alanna Reader, wrote to Sue, thanking our class for the goodies which were "a wonderful surprise" and "perfect for finals week."

Now we need you to participate in the Sisters Project '18 - '68. The next event is a Sunday Spring Social, most likely on a Sunday afternoon in April at Willits. More details will follow. WE NEED A GOOD TURNOUT FROM OUR CLASS. IF YOU LIVE WITHIN A 2 HOUR DRIVE OF MOUNT HOLYOKE, PLEASE TRY TO ATTEND AND MEET SOME WONDERFUL YOUNG WOMEN.

We also need your memories of freshman year at Mount Holyoke to incorporate into a skit for the Class of 2018. What do you recall about dorm life, meals, gracious living, bells, classes, gym, exams, dorm/library closing times? Please send your recollections to Sue Simpson at by February 15th. (Be sure to use the underscore in Sue's email address, not a dash, or she will not receive your message. She really wants to hear from you!)

September 2014

Class of 2018 Honor Code Ceremony

This ceremony for the entering Mount Holyoke students was held Sept. 2 in Abbey Chapel. Representing our class was our Treasurer, Cindy White Morrell. Below are her remarks which encourage our connection with the Class of 2018. Also speaking were Professor of Political Science, Vinnie Ferraro, and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education, KC Hayden '00. The Glee Club sang. Members of the Class of 2018 signed the honor code book.

Remarks at the Honor Code Signing Ceremony 9/2/2014 for the Class of 2018On behalf of the Class of 1968, I extend a warm welcome to the Class of 2018, as you join the Mount Holyoke family. Fifty years ago, my class stood in your shoes, just as eager to begin our journey. We wish you well as you travel this road over the next four years. Take it all in! Relish this time with all your sisters. We'll be in touch in a number of ways as well. In the end, we'll celebrate your graduation at our 50th reunion.Cindy White Morrell '68

August 2015


Class of '68 members in D.C. welcome Class of '18

Can you find Nancy Huttemeyer Davis, Martha Cowen Cutts, Susan Clark Iverson, and Leslie Luxemburg in this picture? The Mount Holyoke Club of Greater Washington DC area hosted a Sendoff Tea on August 10th for incoming first years - the class of 2018, our legacy class. Eighteen students from the metropolitan area will be attending convocation on September 3rd. Two of the students are graduates of Washington Latin, a public charter school whose head is Martha Cowen Cutts - what a wonderful connection.

The freshmen arrive on campus in late August for orientation. They have already received information about dorm and roommate arrangements. As a part of our introductions to the group we were asked to indicate what our favorite dorm was. Conversations were lively and there were questions about dining services - made to order omelets are a thing of the past and milk and cookies are available in each dorm, but now include "healthy" options.

In addition, all the alums and current students were asked about their careers. What amazing contributions MHC grads and students are making in such a wide variety of professions and internships, from immigration to education to non-profits and foundations. The Sendoff Tea was truly a networking (LYNK) event for all.

The Class of 1968 has a strong presence in the Washington metro area - about 35 classmates. Over the next four years we will keep in contact with students from our area who are members of the Class of 2018.