Mini Reunions

Mini-reunions are a great way for affinity groups in the class to stay connected with each other between College reunions. As you renew friendships with fellow classmates through shared connections of geographic location, academic majors, college dorms and more, please take a photo and share your get-together via our Class website. Whether the mini-reunion is lunch with one classmate or touring a gallery with twenty, it would be great to hear about it. You may contact our class secretary/scribe - Eloise Prescott Killeffer ( to include the news in the quarterly or our class Mini-Reunion Chair - Susan Clark Iverson ( to have the information posted electronically.

These mini-reunions were held recently:

November 2019 - Winterthur, Delaware

A group of nine classmates agreed to rendezvous at a central point to have a mini-reunion. On November 13, 2019 we met at the Winterthur Museum, a former DuPont home in northern Delaware. We took a house tour and saw a wide range of American decorative arts and furniture. In addition, Nancy Button Nathan arranged for us to have a private tour through the special exhibit, "Costuming The Crown". The exhibit had costumes from the Netflix production (Seasons 1 &2). The outfits were gorgeous and fascinating and there was a lot of history covering the early years of Queen Elizabeth's reign. Cathy Zimmerman Appel hosted us for dinner and overnight at her home in nearby Lititz, Pennsylvania. It was just like being back in a dorm - great fun - no world problems solved, but lots of laughter.


Back row: Nancy Button Nathan, Nancy Teachout, MaryAnn Mears, Jane Dolkart, Marty Heywood. Front row

September 2019 - South Hadley, Massachusetts

Seven classmates: Joy Camp, Nancy Ball Fay, Pam Daviau Joseph, Cindy White Morrell, Gayle Gunderson Richardson, Sue Graham Simpson and Linda Torlai Stauffer, who grew up in South Hadley, were together on campus to attend their 55th High School Reunion evening event which was held at Willits. Earlier in the day we visited favorite spots on campus, enjoyed lunch at the Community Center (Blanchard Hall) and took a photo in front of the tree our class gave to the Class of 2018 during our 50th Reunion celebration.


(L-R) Sue Graham Simpson, Gayle Gunderson Richardson, Pam Daviau Joseph, Linda Torlai Stauffer, Cind

October 2019 - Montross, Virginia

Over the weekend of October 5, 2019 six '68 classmates--Connie Cushman, Nancy Huttemeyer Dave, Judy O'Connor Hayes, Mobby Brown Larson, Linda Graham McElroy and Laurie Trees Rodgers--got together with our spouses for our annual mini-reunion, this time in Montross, Virginia at the home of Nancy and Phil Davis. Together we prepared meals, talked, enjoyed the beautiful early fall outdoors, and talked some more. We drove down a windy (and "windy" too) rural road to nearby Menokin, the 18th century home of Francis Lightfoot Lee, one of the singers of the Declaration of Independence, and a unique restoration project in progress (pictured in the photo background). Over the weekend we also honored the memory of Judy's husband, Preston, who died in August.


(L-R) Linda Graham McElroy, Connie Cushman, Laurie Trees Rodgers, Nancy Huttemeyer Davis, Judy O'Con