Reunion 2008

31 MAY 2008

The meeting was called to order at 8:40 a.m. in the dining room of Buckland Hall, where our class was staying, by outgoing Class President Suzanne Lenz Janney. After welcoming everyone, Suzanne announced that 91 classmates had registered for reunion, along with 19 guests. Although no head count was taken, it was believed that most reuners had made it to the meeting. She also informed us of the "re-discovery" of our class by-laws, wherein is the provision that whatever number of the class gathers for a reunion is by definition a quorum. On the strength of that stipulation, the meeting became official.

Suzanne asked for a motion that the reading of the previous class meeting minutes (31 May 2003) be waived. It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to do so. She then offered the class 's greatest thanks to indefatigable Reunion Co-Chairs Karen Wilbur and Susan Yeshilian Manaras and their equally tireless crew: Nancy Ball Fay and Jacqueline (Jacquie) Gaudion McClelland, Hospitality; Karen Kelly Taggart, Sally Hall Dillon and Sally Davis Yeatman, Saturday Dinner; Donna Machcinski Petersen, Sally Davis Yeatman and Gwyn (Dinnie) Ogilvie Sewall, Costumes; Susan (Arin) Edwards, Parade Signs; Eloise Prescott Killeffer, Reunion Book; Linda Wenk Bellisio (our Head Class Agent) and Linda Morrissey Wilson, Reunion Gift Chairs; and, last but not least, the entire Assembly Line that put together the reunion nametags on Thursday night, 29 May (consisting of the reunion crew members who were around that early).

Suzanne presented the Treasurer's report on behalf of Linda Webb Short, our retiring class treasurer, who was unable to attend reunion. The final five-year report is attached to this letter. At the time of reunion, our balance stood at $6,868, which included the treasury balance as of 27 May 2008 ($1,827.69) plus fees paid by reunion attendees, but did not reflect all costs left to be paid (mostly to the College for meals and associate dorm expenses).

Suzanne recognized the 28 reunion callers who, through inestimable hard work, reached our reunion goal of 68% participation and exceeded our dollar goal of $275,000 by $42,500, for a grand total of $317,500. She also announced that Delby Barker Poole has agreed to be our Mary Lyon Society chair (that being the College 's designation for alums who name MHC in their will).

Suzanne then presented the report of the Nominating Committee, which worked under the tireless leadership of Cynthia (Cindy) White Morrell and included Carol Foy Graham, Sally Lemaire, Sally Davis Yeatman and Eloise Graham Brooks. The proposed slate of class officers for 2008-2013 is as follows: Paula Braga Leidich, President; Christine Anderson Salmon and Susan Clark Iverson, Co-Vice Presidents and Reunion Co-Chairs; Eloise Prescott Killeffer, Secretary/Scribe; Carol Wenk Bellisio, Treasurer; Ellen Jacobson Petrino and Jane Dolkart, Co-Head Class Agents; and Suzanne Lenz Janney, Karen Kelly Taggart and Stephanie Whalen Cosgrove, Nominating Committee. It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to accept the slate as presented.

It was moved, seconded and voted unanimously to raise our class dues from $25 to $30 for five years (the first increase anyone could remember). Penny Schneider Calf, Helen Waugh Burns and Carol Wenk Bellisio were deputized to collect dues on the spot and over the weekend.

Suzanne stressed the need to make full and frequent use of the various avenues of communication for class members: the class notes in the Quarterly; the class website (, now in the hands of a new webmaster, Kate Pacowta Gombos, '92); mini-gatherings; and birthday greetings, among others. Scribe Eloise reiterated the importance of the class notes (the first place Quarterly readers go in every issue), with the caution that older classes are allocated fewer lines. She also mentioned the on-line class notes column available on the College website for time-sensitive news or formats not appropriate for class notes (e.g., pictures).

Carol Foy Graham announced her intention to develop an "Ask the Doctor " link on the class website and Eileen Sypher suggested a link for those who would like to share life experiences (a continuation of her reunion parlor conversations).

Suzanne announced that four classmates were offering "Back-to-Class " sessions : Nancie L. Fimbel, "Among Women: South Africa" (recounting a 2-week visit in 2007 by 25 Seven Sisters alumnae with South African 'strong women' who are remaking their country); Leslie Luxemburg Rosenthal, "Tips and Techniques to Improve Your Singing" (a workshop offering simple and effective techniques to make voices 'work' better); and Olivia (Livvy) Mellan and Sherry Christie, "Money Shy to Money Sure" (debunking common myths that keep us from taking charge of our money life). In addition, Eileen Sypher and Jody Hall Cale offered to resume, on Saturday afternoon, their 2003 parlor discussion of transitions and changes.

Suzanne announced that the class photo would be taken at 1:30 p.m. on the steps of Skinner Hall, at which time copies could be ordered. She also announced that Mrs. DeLonga (Sandy), Mr. And Mrs. Yamashita and Mr. Farnham, our remaining class honoraries, were expected to join us for dinner.

It was noted that two classmates had, for all intents and purposes, tied for the greatest distance traveled to reunion: Helen Waugh Burns from Hamilton, New Zealand and Nopamart Intarasalee Manoleehagul, from Bangkok, Thailand. Their determination to reach the campus was recognized with great applause.

Karen Wilbur then offered heartfelt thanks to Suzanne for her great efforts on behalf of the class during her tenure and the class responded with a standing ovation.

The official business meeting of the class having concluded (time approximately 9:20 a.m.), everyone adjourned to the living room for a quiet remembrance of all our departed classmates, led by the Rev. Holly Vincent Bean. Three classmates have passed away since our last reunion (Carol Ann Bacon, Amzie Sullivan and Gretchen Pfeifer Lucchesi), and a total of 21 have left us since we began our Mount Holyoke lives in 1964.

Respectfully submitted,
Eloise Prescott Killeffer
Secretary/Scribe (continuing)

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