Class Dues: 2013-2018

Back at our class meeting at reunion in May, it was voted to set the dues going forward to our 50th reunion in 2018 at $45, plus any additional funds which classmates might want to give toward a 50th reunion scholarship. During the weekend, 42 classmates paid their new dues. They also gave an additional $ 402.00 to start us on the way toward building the scholarship fund. This is a great way to start off the fund! Many thanks! These dues will also help us with class expenses going forward. Do remember that dues and additional contributions are all tax deductible! Dues and/or an additional contribution can be made at any time.

The following classmates have made their 2013-2018 dues commitment - won't you join them? Dues may be sent at any time to Cindy Morrell, 135 Woodbridge St., South Hadley, MA 01075-1128, made payable to the Class of 1968. Stay tuned for possible use of Paypal as an additional way to send dues. Watch the website for more details as soon as they are available.

Bartholomaus, Katherine Sigda
Belanger, Ann
Bean, Holly Vincent
Brewer, Virginia Lockwood
Brooks, Eloise Graham
Bruns, Marian Edwards
Bullivant, Carol Medicke
Cadigan, Linda Renasco
Cale, Jody Hall
Calf, Penelope Schneider
Camp, Joy
Cassell, Faris Hall
Clark, Margaret Johnston
Cosgrove, Stephanie Whalen
Cushman, Constance
Cutts, Martha Cowen
Davis, Nancy Huttemeyer
Dillon, Sally Hall
Dorais, Carolyn
Duffy, Michelle
Durrell, Elizabeth
Durst, Susan Meyer
Edwards, Susan E.
Eisenhauer, Toni Sailer
Fay, Nancy Ball
Fernald, Frances
Fimbel, Nancie
Fish, Sherry Christie
Gehr, Paula
Gordon, Nancy Stiles
Grady, Sharon
Graham, Carol Foy
Green, Lynn Moloshuk
Gross, Linda
Hayes, Judith O'Connor
Hendershot, Karen Hall
Herold, Susan Friel
Inui, Nancy Stowe
Inui, Susan
Iverson, Susan Clark
Janney, Suzanne Lenz
Jelsma, Beth
Jones, Patricia Hall
Joseph, Pamela Daviau
Kaiser, Valerie Crispin
Killeffer, Eloise Prescott
Lee, Margaret Crystal
Leidich, Paula Braga
Lewis, Holly Hannah
Lilienfeld, Carol
Lucchesi, Catherine Hyde
Manaras, Susan Yeshilian
Marden, Jo Ellen Grant
Marinell, Suzanne Spaeth
McClelland, Jacquelyn Gaudion
McElroy, Linda Graham
Mears, Mary Ann
Meyer, Margaret Boyd
Miller, Linda Polley
Mongiardo, Judy Jaboolian
Morrell, Cynthia White
Nastou, Marjorie Buza
Newhouse, Laurie Bell
Petrino, Ellen Jacobson
Pool, Delby Barker
Rabens, Joyce Bednarski
Reeves, Judy Byrns
Richardson, Gayle Gunderson
Robertson, Elizabeth Marvel
Rodgers, Laurie Trees
Rottenberg, Debora Dunn
Rushong, Elizabeth Lloyd
Salmon, Christine Anderson
Schneider, Penny Calf
Sewall, Gwyn Ogilvie
Sewell, Karolyn Krieghoff
Shapiro, Olivia Mellan
Shearer, Susan
Sherrard, Kay Oliphant
Short, Linda Webb
Simon, Patricia
Simpson, Susan Graham
Slater, Nancy Speert
Stauffer, Lidna Torlai
Stech, Claire Whipple
Stowell, Nancy Holt
Struve, Helen Evans
Sweeney, Leslie Tilton
Taggart, Karen Kelly
Tannenbaum, Elizabeth
Teachout, Nancy J.
Thomas, Nancy Jackson
Vaughan, Roberta Friend
Vernon, Jamie Gardner
West, Karen Kunkel
Wilbur, Karen
Wildrick, Pamela Borchert
Williams, Jean Baker
Winter, Aracy Troxell
Wire, Carol Heinsius
Yeatman, Sally Davis

(updated - 6/30/2018)

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