Class Dues: 2018-2023

At our 2018 May 50th reunion class meeting, it was voted to set dues going forward from 2018-2023 at $50 for the five-year period. At the reunion or shortly thereafter, 31 classmates made their voluntary contribution to start the next five years. Thank you to them! As dues come in, the names will again be posted on our class website so you can always check whether or not you have paid them. And there will always be an opportunity to pay them at any time. For now, any dues can be sent to Stephanie Whalen Cosgrove at 56 Spruce Ridge Dr., Brentwood, NH 03833. Check should be made out to MHC Class of 1968. Remember that they are tax deductible and that they help to cover any expenses for the class - class letters, website management, expenses for officers, etc. Stephanie is looking forward to filling her mailbox.

Amory, Joan Latchis
Bartholomaus, Katherine Sigda
Bean, Holly Vincent
Beth, Elizabeth Newcomb
Brewer, Virginia Lockwood
Cadigan, Linda Renasco
Calf, Penelope Schneider
Cassell, Faris Hall
Chase, Cynthia
Clark, Margaret Johnston
Cosgrove, Stephanie Whalen
Coughlin, Donna White
Davis, Nancy Huttemeyer
Durrell, Lisa
Durst, Susan Meyer
Edwards, Susan E.
Eisenhauer, Toni Sailer
Fimbel, Nancie
Geiman, Jeanne Yacura
Gordon, Nancy Stiles
Gross, Linda
Inui, Nancy Stowe
Iverson, Susan Clark
Janney, Suzanne Lenz
Joseph, Pamela Daviau
Killeffer, Eloise Prescott
Larsen, Mary Brown
Lee, Margaret Crystal
Leidich, Paula Braga
Lilienfield, Carol
Lucchesi, Catherine Hyde
Manaras, Susan Yeshilian
Marden, JoEllen Grant
McClelland, Jacquelyn Gaudion
Morrell, Cindy White
Morrison, Charlotte Foot
O'Connor, Judith Hayes
Petrino, Ellen
Pirie, Alison
Reeve, Judith Byrnes
Rottenberg, Debora Dunn
Rushong, Elizabeth Lloyd
Salmon, Christine Anderson
Shapiro, Olivia Mellan
Shearer, Susan
Short, Linda Webb
Slater, Nancy Speert
Stauffer, Linda Torlai
Teachout, Nancy
Vernon, Jamie Gardner
Wilbur, Karen
Williams, Jean Baker
Winter, Aracy Troxell

(updated: 3/23/19)

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