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November 2014

Holly Hannah Lewis shares the delightful news that she has her first three grandchildren. The darling girls all appeared within an 11-month timeframe. She also shares with us two photos of one of her granddaughters with the sixth grandchild of Sally Davis Yeatman -- another generation of MHC-related friends.

Holly writes, "Here are my twin granddaughters in DC, children of my daughter Hannah and her husband. Rose and Anahita are 5 months in these pictures. Maisie, daughter of my son Sage and his wife, is in a separate photo."

Holly also tells us about her son Sage who has a reputation as a terrific guide to Cuba. "Through Cuba Tours and Travels in LA, he has led many People-to-People tours, which is the legal way to visit Cuba. He puts together customized tours for groups as small as 4 or as large as 50. He is taking my AAUW branch on a trip focussed on women in Cuba; he also does tours for music lovers, architects, lawyers, Broadway producers, photographers, dance groups, alumnae groups, as well as for those just interested in both Havana and the countryside. Form a group or join one. There is more information at www.projectporamor.com -- click on Travel."


Molly Yeatman and Maisie Lewis, both 15 months (above and below left).

110114-2 110114-3

Maisie Lewis


Anahita ( a Persian name for her Persian father -- means Queen of the Sea-- he has a PhD in marine biology)


Rose (named for mother)


Maisie Lewis

Cindy White Morrell writes about our classmates from South Hadley High School

South Hadley High was one of the many schools where classmates have celebrated their 50th high school reunion recently. Five of our '68 classmates came to Willits on September 13, for a rousing reunion dinner, including: Cindy White Morrell, Gayle Gunderson Richardson, Barbara Ostrowski LeGrand, Nancy Ball Fay and Pam Daviau Joseph (seen pictured here, thanks to Carl LeGrand). We would have been six, but Joy Camp had to cancel at the last minute. Still missing were Delby Barker Pool, Ann Charlebois Rast, Susan Graham Simpson, and Judy Williams Werlin. Linda Torlai Stauffer is also from South Hadley, just not South Hadley High. I think this rivals the group from Pam Borchert Wildrick's NJ high school class. A good time was had by all. Honorary classmate, David Morrell, was also in attendance. And Willits did an absolutely fabulous job for us.


Other Morrell news

Grandgirls are all doing well at ages 7.5, 4.5, and 1.5 by the time you read this. We still see them 3 days/week, at least early in the morning. Middle one Lucy is now going to Gorse Children's Center mornings (on the MWF schedule when we have her) on the MHC campus where her mom and uncle went back many years ago, albeit in the old building. Littlest one Cora just started walking and carries on perfectly normal conversations even tho' we haven't decoded them yet. David and I just returned from a Rhine River cruise, our very first. It was terrific and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants a smaller cruise setting. The sights were glorious, the river traffic amazing and the food out of this world. Already saving for another one! Other than an unplanned passport hitch necessitating a Friday trip to Boston to update the ending date (we flew out Saturday from there), all went very well. David's CA sister also came with us. A fabulous week away but we came back down to earth quickly the new week and back into our regular routine.

October 2014
Washington DC Classmates Celebrate Mountain Day Early!

The Washington DC area classmates celebrated Mountain Day with an afternoon tea at the house of Susan Clark Iverson, a day before Mountain Day was announced in South Hadley. Fourteen classmates attended and had a great time reminiscing. A significant topic of conversation was the 50th high school reunions of these classmates. Several had already gone to theirs and several more had signed up to attend one in the near future. Consensus was that reconnecting with friends was fun and worthwhile.


Pictured in the photo:
Front row: Nancy Huttemeyer Davis; Rebecca Cardozo; Nancy Button Nathan; Jennifer Jones Johnson; Mary Ann Mears
Second row: Olivia Mellan Shapiro; Meg Meyer; Sandra Cass Burt
Third row: Susan Clark Iverson; Wendy Adler Jordan; Margaret Neuse; Laurie Trees Rodgers
Back row: Martha Cowen Cutts; Barbara Jager Bass

September 2014
Class of 2018 Honor Code Ceremony

This ceremony for the entering Mount Holyoke students was held Sept. 2 in Abbey Chapel. Representing our class was our Treasurer, Cindy White Morrell. Below are her remarks which encourage our connection with the Class of 2018. Also speaking were Professor of Political Science, Vinnie Ferraro, and Assistant Professor of Psychology and Education, KC Hayden '00. The Glee Club sang. Members of the Class of 2018 signed the honor code book.

Remarks at the Honor Code Signing Ceremony 9/2/2014 for the Class of 2018

On behalf of the Class of 1968, I extend a warm welcome to the Class of 2018, as you join the Mount Holyoke family. Fifty years ago, my class stood in your shoes, just as eager to begin our journey. We wish you well as you travel this road over the next four years. Take it all in! Relish this time with all your sisters. We'll be in touch in a number of ways as well. In the end, we'll celebrate your graduation at our 50th reunion.

Cindy White Morrell '68

August 2014

Class of '68 members in D.C. welcome Class of '18

Can you find Nancy Huttemeyer Davis, Martha Cowen Cutts, Susan Clark Iverson, and Leslie Luxemburg in this picture? The Mount Holyoke Club of Greater Washington DC area hosted a Sendoff Tea on August 10th for incoming first years - the class of 2018, our legacy class. Eighteen students from the metropolitan area will be attending convocation on September 3rd. Two of the students are graduates of Washington Latin, a public charter school whose head is Martha Cowen Cutts - what a wonderful connection.

The freshmen arrive on campus in late August for orientation. They have already received information about dorm and roommate arrangements. As a part of our introductions to the group we were asked to indicate what our favorite dorm was. Conversations were lively and there were questions about dining services - made to order omelets are a thing of the past and milk and cookies are available in each dorm, but now include "healthy" options.

In addition, all the alums and current students were asked about their careers. What amazing contributions MHC grads and students are making in such a wide variety of professions and internships, from immigration to education to non-profits and foundations. The Sendoff Tea was truly a networking (LYNK) event for all.

The Class of 1968 has a strong presence in the Washington metro area - about 35 classmates. Over the next four years we will keep in contact with students from our area who are members of the Class of 2018.


Mamma Mia!

Penny Schneider Calf and friends took a novel turn among the Greek Islands. After exploring the Classical places, they settled for a week on the Island of Skopelos where Mamma Mia, starring Meryl Streep, was filmed.

Says Penny, "The trip highlight for me was Skopelos. Seeing all the places where they filmed Mamma Mia was so exciting. And the island is un-commercialized because there is no airport! Just quaint and charming. The red scarf [Penny is holding in the photo] was for my Mamma Mia run up the stairs like Meryl did! "


July 2014

In Memoriam: Sara E. Kusch

It is with a heavy heart that we inform you of the death of our classmate Sara E. Kusch on July 7, 2014.
For more information, please click to our IN MEMORIAM page.

A Visit to New Zealand, 2014 -- from Kendra Gaines

For two months this year, in April and May, I traveled with the specific goal of visiting old and dear friends who are unlikely ever to visit the States again. With the thought that I was not getting any younger and the trip across the Pacific is not getting any shorter, I set off for, first, Japan, then Taiwan, Hong Kong. Australia, and New Zealand. The friend I wanted to see in New Zealand was my former classmate, Helen Waugh, now Helen Burns. She has been a "Kiwi" for 41 years now, and on this my second visit to New Zealand, I longed to hear her insights into life in this gorgeous country.

Helen and I had known about each other when we were at Mt. Holyoke, but we had never become friends. We finally figured out that the reason was simple: Helen was a math major and I was an English major, so clearly our paths did not cross! Now, however, we discovered much in common, beginning with a love of exercise and physical fitness and a focus on healthful eating. We both have traveled a great deal in the past, too, so sharing experiences also became a bond.

As a surprise addition to this reunion, however, Helen told me that she had just recently fielded a phone call from two other MHCers, Dr. Heidi Douglass ('88) and Jennifer Fox Willows (would have been '95 but did not graduate). Both women had married and moved to New Zealand and both had fascinating stories to tell. Heidi Douglass's husband told his wife, "Mount Holyoke women are socool. Good value they are. You are so lucky that you got to meet them!"

We met for lunch in a seaside surfing town called Raglan, not too distant from Hamilton, where Helen and her husband Don live. (These places are on the North Island, south of Auckland.) The photos that accompany this narrative were taken there. Please note that we carefully framed ourselves around the "Danger!" sign, which we thought appropriate for this delightful meeting of four Uncommon Women.


Helen Waugh Burns '68 and Kendra Gaines. Note the DANGER sign!!


Helen and Kendra, close-up


Helen and Kendra


(L to R): Jennifer Fox Willows '95; Helen Waugh Burns '68;
Kendra Gaines '68; Heidi Douglass '88

Olivia Mellan and Sherry Christie have published a new edition of their book, Money Harmony

Olivia Mellan and Sherry Christie have just published a new edition of MONEY HARMONY: A ROAD MAP FOR INDIVIDUALS AND COUPLES, available in print and e-book.

It's their fifth book collaboration since getting together at the 25th Reunion. This shows the power of our reunions!

Take a look at the flyer, describing their latest edition.

June 2014

Susan Rieger publishes a popular book, The Divorce Papers. Here are her remarks about it:

Notes on The Divorce Papers for MHC Class of '68

This past March, my novel, The Divorce Papers, was published by Crown. Told entirely through personal correspondence, inter-office memoranda, emails, newspaper articles, and legal papers, it tells the story of a rancorous divorce and the young lawyer who's been dragooned into handling it. But this is a bare-boned description, a book jacket summary. The novel is about families and work and money as well as love and loss.

The book is not autobiographical - though I was trained as a lawyer and I've been divorced. My divorce showed me the experience's dramatic possibilities. I've always been interested in the way law intersects with daily life, applying ostensibly neutral rules and principles to highly personal and emotional feelings and behavior. With divorce, people go to court looking for closure, revenge, freedom, apologies; if they're lucky, they end up with half of the house and piece of the pension. At the same time, divorce is never a story of just the two people and their children. Its effects reverberate throughout their whole world. That is an interesting world to write about.

The novel has given me a third act. The day I signed the contract, I gave notice to Columbia where I'd been working for 10 years as an Associate Provost. I'm now working on a second book though I'm regularly distracted by the siren song of my daughter, Maggie Pouncey, and her family. At least once a week, I'll find myself on the subway to Brooklyn (of course) to play with my two grandsons, a four year old and an 11 month old, and to talk books with Maggie. She is a novelist; in fact, she blazed the way in 2010 with her book, Perfect Reader, a wonderful novel about growing up in a small college town like Amherst. She is my perfect reader.

Here are some excerpts from reviews (to encourage readers).

"Fresh and lively... Smart and wonderfully entertaining... The power and canniness of this bittersweet work of epistolary fiction pulls you along . . . [T]his portrait of a divorce makes for serious, yet charming, entertainment."
--Alan Cheuse, NPR

"Ingenious setup and voyeuristic pleasures ... Rieger's literary feat: finding entertainment and compassion in the wreckage of a failed happily-ever-after."
--Emily Giffin, New York Times Book Review

"In her clever modern twist on the epistolary form, Rieger excavates the humor and humanity from a most bitter uncoupling."
-- Editor's Choice, New York Times Book Review

"Rieger...uses office politics and legal clashes to brilliant and scathingly funny effect. Think The Good Wife but funnier and, in the end, more poignant."
--Christian Science Monitor

Here is some interesting news from Lynn Houston, who sails away...
There will be more news from her in the upcoming Quarterly.

My husband and I and two friends sailed our 44 ft catamaran 780 miles in Jan and Feb. We started in Puerto Rico, where we keep the boat, and sailed 69 hours straight down to St Lucia. It was a fabulous ocean sail. I love the feeling of freedom I get when we are out of sight of land and have just the gorgeous ocean, sky, waves, and wind surrounding us. We visited many islands including St Lucia, Martinique, Dominica, Les Saintes, and Guadeloupe, and then St Croix and Vieques as we sailed back to Puerto Rico. We have many wonderful memories of our sailing and explorations including some very funny ones as I put my Spanish to use and my husband his French. They came back quickly but the jump starting of the languages took some patience on the islanders' part.

We have some more long trips planned, such as to South America, but later this month we will be taking our daughter Ashley and her family sailing through the BVI, with the highlight being a treasure hunt for our grandson's 7th birthday on a very picturesque tiny island called Sandy Cay. What could be more perfect for him and his 8 year old sister than pirate stories and a treasure hunt on a real treasure island. Can't wait.

Peace, Lynn

Click HERE for photos.

April/May 2014
Martha Jane Bradford finds a new home and sets up MailChimp newsletter distribution to share her interest in art.

Martha moved to New Harbor, Maine, in January, along with her husband, Alfred Ajami, and her Cairn Terrier puppy, Winston. During the moving process, she created a Pinterest board about the experience. It is here: http://www.pinterest.com/marthajanebrad/moving-to-maine/

Says Martha, "Maine has always been the source of most of my art's subject matter, and I am really happy to be living in the midst of the scenery I love 12 months of the year instead of a few short weeks in August. My studio, alas, is still not unpacked as I am waiting on built-in shelves and counters, and contractors move at a glacial pace here in the country. Since I can't very well work on art, I am using the time to upgrade my social media skills, starting with setting up MailChimp for my future newsletters instead of doing them manually.

"Our house is half a mile from Pemaquid Lighthouse, a famous landmark. The scenery is lovely, and the summer weather will be delightfully cool. I would welcome it if some of my classmates visited!"

Do take Martha up on her invitation and it can spark a mini-reunion!

If you would like to subscribe to her newsletter, please click here.

March 2014

Tatiana Androsov updates us on the Norman Rockwell "Golden Rule" Mosaic project in which she was critically involved.

Read on and look at the video link below as well. You may enjoy browsing through the booklet prepared for the event, click on this link.

Tatiana offers to speak about this event. This is a lively idea for a class mini-reunion. She says, "If any club (or MHC) wants to hear about the Golden Rule Mosaic or what it took to get the rededication, I will be more than glad to make a presentation. It was navigating two bureaucracies - our State Department and the United Nations. Besides, the Norman Rockwell Museum is nearby and there is a story to be told."

See the video of the event here! http://bit.ly/1ewWb91

Tatiana Androsov updates us on the Norman Rockwell

The US government was given the "Golden Rule" Mosaic by the Thanks-Giving Foundation of Dallas, Texas, in 1985.

It was later dedicated and presented to the United Nations by then-First Lady Nancy Reagan, and accepted by then-Secretary General Javier Perez de Cuellar.

The UN Secretariat building has recently undergone a major renovation, as also has Norman Rockwell's Golden Rule Mosaic.

The United States Mission is hosting a ceremony to celebrate the return of the restored Mosaic to coincide with UN Week of Interfaith Harmony.

Participants: Nancy Cain Marcus, member of the Thanksgiving Square Foundation and former Public Delegate at the US Mission, briefs about the Normal Rockwell 'Golden Rule' mosaic.

Participants: Nancy Cain Marcus, member of the Thanksgiving Square Foundation and former Public Delegate at the US Mission, briefs about the Normal Rockwell 'Golden Rule' mosaic.

Jan Eliasson, Deputy Secretary-General, notes that the mosaic portrays people from all backgrounds coming together on the basis of global solidarity, says that Normal Rockwell's work represents people from all around the world.

Peter Stewart, Founder of Thanksgiving Square Foundation, says that the eyes of the people portrayed in Golden Rule are looking at the life "we are living," points out that those eyes will be looking on and on "long after we have passed", says that they are people of different religious and cultural backgrounds linked by those "beautiful eyes."

Jeffrey DeLaurentis, Representative of the Mission of the United States, notes that Normal Rockwell's Golden rule mosaic can be summarized as "do unto others as you would have them do unto you;" expresses pride that the US can be represented by "such an inspirational piece," notes that the work of the United Nations is rooted "in the values embodied by the Golden Rule", notes that the mosaic's author would have felt that the United Nations was the most appropriate venue to exhibit his work.

Also participated Philip Kingston, Dallas City Councilman.

See the video of the event here! http://bit.ly/1ewWb91

Download the Norman Rockwell Golden Rule Mosaic Booklet

January/February 2014

Holly Hannah Lewis, Frances (Francie) Fernald, and Sally Davis Yeatman had an exciting time together on a trip to Cuba in November 2013.

Holly Hannah Lewis, Frances (Francie) Fernald, and Sally Davis Yeatman had an exciting time together on a trip to Cuba in November 2013.

Leslie Luxemburg is featured in an advertisement for the Washington Metro. She continues her career as a professional opera singer and enjoys additional performing arts. Read more about her in the upcoming Mount Holyoke Alumnae Quarterly, Class Notes.

Leslie Luxemburg is featured in an advertisement for the Washington Metro.

Classmate Deborah J. Cornwall writes that she has a blog for cancer caregivers. Given the number of us who are caregivers at some point, this is a highly relevant blog. Here she tells us a little of the background of the blog. Click on the link below to go to our class blog page.

QUOTE: "I've written a book (Things I Wish I'd Known: Cancer Caregivers Speak Out) based on 95 interviews with family cancer caregivers (i.e. not professionals) from 19 states and 2 Canadian provinces. The people being cared for ranged from 2 - 92 years of age, with over 40 different cancer diagnoses; around half have survived, and half have died. The findings from my research were stunning, not the least of which was how much the caregivers appreciated having the opportunity to tell their stories. The book offers the common learnings that spanned large numbers of them and punctuates those with excerpts from personal stories."

My website not only describes the book and offers buying information, but more importantly it offers live links to resources for cancer patients and caregivers. The blog section of the website offers a range of updates and caregiver stories and experiences I've had with former interviewees and people who have contacted me or with whom I've had important contacts since writing the book (first issued in October 2012 and second edition released in October 2013). The experience has been truly life-changing and makes me appreciate the fact that my own brush with cancer was a virtual non-event compared to others' experiences.

I hope the link may be of interest and use to some of our classmates if they're forced down the caregiving path that no one has in their life plan.

Book: www.thingsiwishidknown.com

Blog: http://www.thingsiwishidknown.com/index.php?pageID=11600

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