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Our 45th Reunion
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Our 45th Reunion was great!

December 2013

Where are the smartest female college students?

Website collegeprowler.com says that Mount Holyoke students are the "Smartest Girls". Check out the article on their website.

November 2013

Martha Cowan Cutts, the winner of The Elizabeth T. Kennan Award at our 45th Reunion, enjoyed a surprise party in Sept. It was to celebrate the opening of the Washington D.C. Latin Public Charter School, which Martha has headed. Click here to see candid photos of the party.

Tatiana Androsov, who is a senior advisor at the U. S. Mission to the U.N., shared with us a special work of art recently re-installed at the UN Headquarters in New York City. It is the Mosaic version of Norman Rockwell's "Golden Rule". Click here to see it on the U.N. website.

See pictures of Martha Jane Bradford's latest art show. Click here to view her website.

October 2013

Your class board met on campus at the end of September to build a five-year plan, leading to our 50th Reunion. Special guest Sally Lemaire joined in, adding to the festivity of meeting with Mary Lyon. Pictured (left to right) at the Mount Holyoke Volunteer Conference are (first row) Jane Dolkart and Sally Lemaire; (second row) Paula Braga Leidich, Ellen Jacobson Petrino, Susan Clark Iverson, Mary Lyon, Linda Renasco Cadigan, Nancy Fletcher, Cindy White Morrell, Linda S. Gross.

Contributing their thoughts by email were officers Eloise Prescott Killeffer, Karen Wilbur, and Stephanie Whelan Cosgrove.

Did you know that class participation percentage in giving is very important to the US News and World Report rankings of colleges as well as to grants and philanthropic aid? Every alumna who contributes, at whatever level she is comfortable, helps Mount Holyoke College in so many ways.

Did you know that your everyday activities are immensely interesting to our class? Do you garden? cook? exercise? give care to a loved one? volunteer? Have you seen other classmates? Let us know. Contact our devoted Class Scribe Eloise (ehpk1@att.net) with news for the Quarterly Class Notes or Paula (paula@leidich.com) for website postings, including photos.

We want to hear from you! Drop us a LYON.

September 2013

Mary Ann Mears Shares Photos of Sculpture in Progress

See these photos from the website of Mary Ann Mears. She has an enormous and dramatic sculpture in progress. It is under fabrication at the Kelco Co. It is fascinating to see the design come to reality.

Your Board to Attend MHC Volunteer Conference

Your board members will be participating in the Volunteer Conference sponsored by the Alumnae Association and the Office of Advancement on Sep. 27-29. Members are looking forward to learning some of the Alumnae Association's best practices. We will put together our class Five-Year Plan, leading to our 50th Reunion. The plan will be a living document as we progress through 2013-2018.

Among highlights of the conference will be the updated guidelines for the Mount Holyoke Fund. Your Co-Head Class Agents will join workshops focused on this topic. Your other officers will attend sessions relevant to their areas of the Five-Year Plan and gain an initial perspective on the 50th Reunion planning process.

August 2013

Here is lively news from Cindy White Morrell

I retired formally from MHC after 41 years 12/2011 and began the next phase of my life as day care provider for Chloe Rachel (4.5) and Lucy Kaelyn (1.5) Hough within a few days, 3 days/week. In addition to that I continued work for my depts until my successor was hired and trained in March. 9 months later, Chloe entered kindergarten so it was just Lucy and me (same 3 days). Together we started gymnastics and on other days, I began volunteer work at MHC 1 or 2 mornings/week as well as a personal fitness program. Retirement?? hm!! Plus there is our commitment to our church and music program and my work as class treasurer. Now Chloe starts first grade and Lucy will go back to gymnastics (actually Chloe has been doing it too) by herself. In addition, Cora Jeanne "CJ" joined her sisters on July 22, a little smaller but just as cute. Mom, Jeanne '95, will take almost 3 months off so we are playing that interim time by ear. We'll be back to 2 grandgirls 3/week for sure when she goes back to work. The other big news is that David retires from the West Springfield library on Aug 30. It's been fun getting all our ducks in a row for this. Should make for an interesting fall, and beyond!

July 2013

Reunion Photo Op

See candid shots of our 45th reunion taken by Ollie Janney http://mhcclassof1968.shutterfly.com/4 and by Jody Hall Cale http://mhcclassof1968.shutterfly.com/88 These images capture the wonderful time we had and cover many of our different activities as a class.

News and Pictures from Martha Cowen Cutts

In the spirit of the request of the alumnae president, I am sending along this photo. Crys Latham '2000 and I are standing outside the door of the college counseling office where we have prominently displayed the MHC pennant all year. Crys is Washington Latin's first director of college counseling, and she is terrific!

Martha's Christmas in July

Martha and her husband Steven have this tradition of sending 4th of July Christmas cards (to avoid the 25 December rush...) and this is what they came up with for this year. Click for More

June 2013

Walk in her shoes!

These are Eloise's Crocs from reunion weekend. As she says, "I've attached what our New Orleans friends would call a bit of lagniappe--a picture of the Crocs I wore for reunion, all decorated for the event. Holly Bean took a picture of them, but this one was done by me, camera upside down (took a few tries, I assure you...)."

Click the "45th Reunion" logo at the left sidebar to see our indefatigable Reunion Scribe's rembrances and our other important post-reunion documents (class meeting minutes, Cindy's Report from the Treasurer, etc.)

April/May 2013

Latest Artwork by Martha Jane Bradford

If you saw earlier examples of artwork by Martha Jane Bradford, you can see the latest artwork at:

Here is her latest image of white violets:

Reunion Item Offered by the Class of 1995

Dear Class Presidents and Reunion Chairs,

Whether your reunion is one month or one year away, it is never too early or too late to show your MHC spirit! With your reunion rapidly approaching, the Class of 1995 wants to make sure you are aware of a fabulous and fun product we are selling: MHC Temporary Tattoos. Yes, tattoos.

Each 4" x 9" sheet contains 10 Mount Holyoke-themed tattoo designs that are sure to satisfy alumnae of all ages. (To see the designs just click here). Tattoos apply easily with water and last about 5-7 days. The cost is normally $10 for 1 sheet and $15 for two, but the following discount rates are available on bulk orders:

  • $6.50 for 20 or more
  • $6.00 for 50 or more

If you would like to place an order, please contact Rebecca Gold at rebecca.gold@alumnae.mtholyoke.edu. Remember that these tattoos are also great for mini-reunions, club events, and any old time you want to feel closer to your dear old alma mater.

Wishing you all the best for your reunion,

Zosia Wadoski Brown '95
Class President

March 2013

A tribute to Gloria Barnes from Nancie Fimbel:

I wish I had been able to attend the memorial service for Gloria. I wanted to see, in particular, if anyone wore glitter around their eyes in Gloria style and how many people wore one of the beautiful scarves she made. One of the things I loved best about Gloria was this glamorous side of her personality. She really seemed to revel in being a woman; it wasn't something she simply took for granted. You could see it in her clothing and her jewelry and her make-up. Nothing overdone; she just always looked feminine and pretty.

Another thing I loved was how much she cared for her children. Annie's loss was a terribly blow, of course, and it took her a long time to figure out how to go on without that important family member. But in the car, when we would drive together to a Mount Holyoke College event, I also heard about the worries and hopes, the love and the joy that JD brought to her life. She cared about him deeply. Sometimes he puzzled her and, as a result, she tried lots of parenting experiments to see how she could be a wonderful mother to him. I'm sure JD will agree that not every experiment was terrific, but I'm confident that he understands their purpose was to support him.

Gloria and I were the same age almost to the day, so I can tell you she died too young. Still, she had a home that she loved; she was happy in retirement; she went on trips to the East Coast that she enjoyed. She knew her life was good, and she was content. What a woman!


Interesting Story About Nancy Speert Slater

From The Washington Post, Opinion
By Lisa Bonos, Published: February 8

Lisa Bonos is Outlook's assistant editor.

When a Harvard student named Gerry filled out a questionnaire for a new computer dating service in 1965, he was matched with six young women. He went out with two who lived nearby but didn't contact the others.

One of those others - Nancy, an English major at Mount Holyoke - sent him a postcard that read simply: "Dear Gerry, Do you exist?"

That note blossomed into weeks of correspondence and eventually a relationship. Nancy and Gerry married two years later, had a son and eventually divorced.

:Their child, Dan Slater, grew up to become a journalist who, in his new book, "Love in the Time of Algorithms," traces the history of computer-mediated matches, from the clunky system that brought his parents together to the sophisticated models of today's dating Web sites.

Read more on the WP website.


See Martha Jane Bradford's Blog for Some Beautiful Images of her Work

Martha says, "I have a new digital drawing, White Violets, in the works. Values 0-4 are finished - one more (the pure whites) to go! If you would like to see earlier stages of the drawing and read a bit about my process, please visit my blog"

February 2013

In Memoriam: Gloria S. Barnes

We are greatly saddened by her passing on Dec. 10, 2012.
Click here to read her obituary on our "In Memoriam" page.

Classmates Enjoy Remarkable Mini-Reunion:

The Class of '68 was well-represented on the Alumnae-sponsored trip to the Galapagos Islands in January. Of the four alums who went, three - Judy Byrns Reeves, Eloise Graham Brooks and Eileen Sypher - were all from the Class of 1968. We had a delightful mini-reunion, sharing our lives since graduation, as we also tested our mettle climbing over rocks, jumping in and out of pangas (zodiac boats), and, for Judy and Eloise, deep-water snorkeling (Eileen's mask leaked!) .... all to enjoy the awesome in true MHC fashion, the other alum with us, Kathryn Hall Waterman '52, set for us a high standard to emulate! We were lucky to have MHC's intrepid Jane Zachary, Executive Director of the Alumnae Association, touring with and hosting us on the trip. Photos appear below!

We have received the following request from Emily Weir, editor of the Quarterly.

Subject: Seeking retired MHC alumnae passionately pursuing a long-held interest

The MHC Alumnae Quarterly magazine is gathering examples for an upcoming article on how alumnae spend their retirement time.

I'm seeking alumnae who would complete this sentence with something fascinating: "Now that I'm retired I finally have the time to pursue my deep interest in _____________."

Would you help me spread the word about this by either making suggestions of alums you know and/or by forwarding this email to your classmates if you have a group email for your class? I need to collect names quickly, so your help is especially appreciated.

Alums who would like to share their retirement "passion projects" are asked to complete the brief form at this url: http://ow.ly/hR0lO or to email me at quarterly@mtholyoke.edu.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.

January 2013

Career News from Classmate Georgina Nemecek

After graduating from Mt. Holyoke in 1968 as a chemistry major, I received a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Univ. of PA. I was a member of the Biochemistry faculty at UMass Medical School in Worcester, MA until 1983 when I joined Sandoz Pharmaceuticals Corp. , which later merged with Ciba to form Novartis, in East Hanover, NJ as a Laboratory Head. While at Sandoz/Novartis I held various positions in R&D; I led international project teams that were responsible for the development of new drugs for Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. I retired from Novartis in August 2007 to attend Rutgers-Newark Law School. Katya King, who was then Mt. Holyoke's pre- law advisor. provided much help and encouragement during the application process. I received a J.D. from Rutgers in May 2010; I am licensed to practice in NY and NJ. At present I limit my practice to pro bono cases from Legal Services of NJ. I am a member of the NJ State Bar Association Animal Law Committee.

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