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December 2011

We are happy to report that we have found two more classmates with whom we had lost contact:
Claudia Deverall and Cheryl Karpf are now added to our rolls!

Joyful greetings of the season to all classmates!

November 2011

Reunion Planning Workshop and focusing on our 45th!

Your Class President, Paula Braga Leidich, and your Reunion Co-Chairs, Susan Clark Iverson and Chris Anderson Salmon, spent the weekend at MHC planning for our 45th Reunion, which will happen May 24-26, 2013. On Saturday they were joined in this effort by our new Treasurer, Cindy White Morrell and our Head Class Agent, Ellen Jacobson Petrino. The Alumnae Association offers their experience and support in organizing the many details that go into a Reunion weekend, and we learned how to put all those pieces together. The Association staff emphasized that Reunion is not an event that one or two people can pull off. Many hands keep the tasks manageable, so we will be looking for volunteers to coordinate such activities as:

  • Parade costumes
  • Friday night reception
  • Saturday cocktail party
  • Saturday dinner
  • Programs and activities offered by the class
  • Reunion booklet

If you think you'd like to help out with any of these, please let Chris or Susan know. You can reach us at: csalmon@nycap.rr.com (Chris) siverson@mindspring.com (Susan)

Mark your calendars now and plan to join us for a great weekend in 2013!

IN MEMORIAM: Ann K. Fitzgerald

It is with great sadness that we report the sudden passing of Ann K. Fitzgerald. We give our deepest sympathy to her husband Paul and her entire family in this tragic situation.

Please see her obituary on our "In Memoriam" page on this website.

October 2011

IN MEMORIAM: Trudi Noehren Rishikof

Our classmate Trudi was fatally hit by a car as she crossed Connecticut Ave. in Washington, D.C. on October 6. The car did not stop as she walked in the designated pedestrian crosswalk. We join her family in mourning her loss in this heartbreaking situation.

Trudi maintained her ties to the College through many events over the years -- through gatherings such as, most recently, the "Big" mini-reunion in D.C. in May. She even had coffee and conversation with a classmate only the day before the accident. The College mattered to her.

Please see the "In Memoriam" page on this website to read her obituary.

Annual Fund

If you saw the marvelous letter from President Lynn Pasquerella about the needs of students at the College, I am sure you are motivated to participate in the Annual Fund. She is a beacon to us as she speaks from the perspective of a past student and an alumna, who now devotes her career to the College.

What alumna could not be inspired by the story she relates about the woman who could not attend Mount Holyoke due to her financial circumstances, yet contributed a remarkable gift for scholarships at our alma mater?

Reunion Planning Workshop

Your class board will join the other 2013 Reunion classes November 4-6 on campus to begin planning for our awesome 45th! We will share with you the result of the workshop and will invite your enthusiasm, ideas, and participation as we take our first step in the march toward May 24-26, 2013. We can't make the journey without you and look forward to the fun of shaping this great event together.

In case you missed it...! Mountain Day was October 6!

Catch the great photos at CLICK HERE.

September 2011


We welcome to our Class Board Cindy White Morrell as our new Treasurer. As you know, Cindy comes with a great deal of experience as our past Class President and in many other capacities. We thank her for her willingness to take on this position.

It will take a little time for us to get the paperwork transferred to her from the records of our devoted late Treasurer Carol. In the meantime, let Cindy know if you have any special requirements that involve our Class Treasury. Her email contact is in the list of class officers on our website.

Carol's husband Jules is a great help to us, gathering documents and giving us support in this important transition period.

July 2011

Classmate Martha Cutts shares her July 4 letter with us. Thanks, Martha! Read it here:

I have not met most of you, but surely you've heard of me, Ms. Wimple, in well-deserved glowing terms. I have lived with Martha and Steve almost two decades and am looking forward to celebrating my twentieth birthday in the middle of October. That is twenty "human years!" (It is alternately out of humility -- and out of fear of depressing myself -- that I won't translate those into "cat years" for you.)

You may remember that in July 2003 -- at the height of terrorism fears -they (Steve and Martha) sent you a bogus Washington Post article claiming that my late-and-lamented brother Woodley and I had held them captive. Alas, humor at his and my expense, and yet we forgave them. You might also remember a photo of a much slimmer me in July 1997 on a pretend webpage (www.doesn'treallyexist.com -- ha, ha). And now, fourteen years later, they are getting around to testing the idea of sending you July 4th greetings via the Internet. Real technological wizards, those two, huh? (Do you tweet? The only tweeting I myself do is trying to lure birds to a window ledge so I can lunge at them and scare them; so far it has not worked.)

I wrote this letter little bit by little bit (that is to say, in between naps) as a way to fend off boredom while they were away last week on a vacation. They took their bicycles to places called Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard. I don't know what a vineyard is, and I certainly never knew before that Martha had one! They say that they had beautiful weather and a great time although they insist that they missed me terribly. (It was a lovely week for me: I didn't get turned on my back twice a day and have medicine squirted in my mouth, which is what they seem to do to me these days every time I turn around. Ah, old age!)

I must tell you that they work very hard when it isn't summer vacation. This is not something I entirely understand, but as long as it means that they bring home good tuna and crunchies, I'm all for it! They leave me in the house all by my lonesome around 7 o'clock in the mornin and go off to their schools. (They say that I would have been an excellent student because I'm such a smart kitty!) Steve gets home earlier than Martha - around the beginning of my 4 p.m. suppertime, thank goodness -- but sometimes she doesn't come home until 6 o'clock and sometimes not until 8 or 9 o'clock. Every night and even on weekends Martha talks to endless numbers of people on the phone; Steve sits and writes notes on bunches of papers; and they both sit at their computers and type and type and type . . .

Martha is working too hard,, but I overhear her telling friends that her charter school had a better year. She didn't have to worry about money all the time. By next year at this time, the first senior class will have graduated; that will be a huge milestone. Steve likes his girls' school even though he isn't always comfortable about how "ritzy" it can be; Maya Angelou was the graduation speaker this year, and the new head of the International Monetary Fund is an alumna. (You know what I'm talking about, right? I am a little out of my feline depth here.)

I must say that I am proud of my two similarly aging friends because they try hard to keep themselves fit and healthy. I watch them go off on their bicycles for long stretches of time; other days they tell me they are going to their gym (which I think means they sweat a lot -- not my idea of fun.) Steve swims sometimes - at his school, which has a pool -- with water. While that sounds most unappealing to me, it helps him keep the weight off. The best, though, is when I get to sit at 5:00 in the morning and watch Martha walking on her treadmill in my basement. Then she's gone practically every Sunday morning for almost two hours; that is to help my Auntie Val (who lives next door) walk some dogs (a bit disloyal in my opinion, but I keep such thoughts to myself.)

Martha talks on the phone to her mother every other day or so. Mother Cowen turned ninety-seven years old this May. (That's definitely in "people years".) She still lives on her own in New Jersey. My Uncle Peter and Aunt Nancy Cowen came to visit more often this last year because he was the headmaster of a school not very far away on the Eastern Shore of Maryland (if that means anything to you.) But now they have moved back to North Carolina, and he is the head of a different school.

When she isn't worrying about her school, Martha is cheery and upbeat. On the other hand, from the things I hear him say, Steve grows more cynical all the time: about the economy, about politicians (and this is a guy who teaches about government!), about the environment, about whether the Red Sox can beat out the Yankees by the end of the baseball season . . . you name it! I have no idea what most of the stuff is that he grumbles about, but I think he needs to follow my example and just chill.

We all hope that your garden is blooming as beautifully as ours is, that you are less busy than Martha is, that you are less cynical than Steve is, and that you are as relaxed as I am. Happy Fourth of July!

Ms. Wimple for

February 2011

Penny Schneider Calf cruised to Namibia and South Africa in January on a Mount Holyoke sponsored trip, and she participated in a number of safaris and visited many notable sights. She shares with us some of her unforgettable experience in the wild. Below are two photos and others are posted in our website Gallery (click HERE).

Barbara Bolger '56 and Penny Calf '68 at captain's dinner

Penny with cheetah at the Cheetah Outreach Program

Says Penny:

From January 4-19, I participated in a Mount Holyoke College Alumnae Association trip to Namibia and South Africa, through Travel Dynamics International. This was a cruise around the southern tip of Africa from Namibia to Mozambique aboard the Corinthian II. The other MHC alum was Barbara Bolger '56, who was a lot of fun to get to know. I'm sorry more MHC alumnae did not participate because it truly was an amazing experience. Everything was totally first class - the ship, the 5 course gourmet meals, the friendly and helpful crew, the efficient and knowledgeable tour guides.

The first half of the trip was sightseeing - 300' dunes in Namibia, reachable only by 4 X 4 vehicles along the beach, an aparteid era township, a now-deserted diamond mining town near the Dutch city of Luderitz, Cape Town's Table Mountain and Kirstenbosch Botanical Gardens, the wine country of Stellenbosch, the Cape of Good Hope and the glorious vistas along the 50 mile drive, and a cheetah education program where we had the thrill of petting cheetahs.

Then came the photo safari days. We saw lions, rhinos, elephants, and buffalo; a myriad of antelopes; giraffes, zebras, baboons, ostriches, hippos, warthogs, and wildebeest - many of these animals with their babies, and all up close and personal. There were uniquely African trees and flowers, and colorful birds everywhere.

Oh, and it was sunny and about 85 degrees each day !!!! This was an amazing adventure that I will always remember.

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